Week Five of my fitness challenge: I think I’m starting to see my abs!

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The Undateables cast: Where are the couples now?

AudioSet consists of an expanding ontology of audio event classes and a collection of 2,, human-labeled second sound clips drawn from YouTube videos. The ontology is specified as a hierarchical graph of event categories, covering a wide range of human and animal sounds, musical instruments and genres, and common everyday environmental sounds. By releasing AudioSet, we hope to provide a common, realistic-scale evaluation task for audio event detection, as well as a starting point for a comprehensive vocabulary of sound events.

To collect all our data we worked with human annotators who verified the presence of sounds they heard within YouTube segments. To nominate segments for annotation, we relied on YouTube metadata and content-based search. You can contribute to the ontology at our GitHub repository.

After heading out on a three-date headlining tour with his band The That honour went to Brent, an independent filmmaker with Tourette’s, and.

One of the Married At First Sight cast members is the topic of online speculation after displaying a series of tics. Henry Rodriguez, who has been partnered with Christina by the Married At First Sight experts, has been a solid fan favourite this season. He is from New Orleans. He was matched with year-old flight attendant Christina. Initially, it looked like Henry might be into Christina. However, one awkward wedding combined her behaviour immediately after the ceremony proved to be a big red flag.

Out of all the couples this season, Christina and Henry have hardly clicked. Getting married to a stranger definitely fits the bill of an anxiety-inducing set-up! He seems like maybe severe social anxiety too? This has not been confirmed by Henry. This poor guy. What’s On? Who wins Head of Household on Big Brother 22 week 4? Eviction details and more.

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I t is not these extraordinary times that have made Joe Wicks. He was already huge, initially from Instagram cooking videos that lasted just 15 seconds. Rudimentary but engagingly zany, they attracted a substantial if hodgepodge fanbase from body-conscious zoomers to middle-aged mums.

The eleventh season of the hit Lifetime dating show returned on Sight Henry & Christina’s Awkward Wedding (S11, E3) | Lifetime YouTube.

This was also the first of her music videos Billie Eilish directed herself. At the time of its release, Eilish was 15, living with her parents in a Highland Park, Los Angeles, bungalow, where she was homeschooled and collaborated on music from the childhood bedroom of her brother and primary creative partner, Finneas. Released in as the third video Eilish self-directed, it shows the singer mouthing lyrics to-camera while wearing a glittering diadem roughly the size of her head.

Tarantulas crawl across her arms and inside her mouth as her body shakes and spasms, perhaps a reference to her diagnosis of Tourette syndrome, which often appears as facial tics and muscle tension. I like being looked at. I like being in people’s heads. I feed off it. Covered in black, crude oil-like Nickelodeon slime to communicate a harrowing warning about the climate crisis, Eilish lugged the full weight of the goo-soaked wings across the set.

Directing it herself, however, was another matter. I want to say fun, but it is fun. Now, it seems the tide has finally shifted. And you know, why not say them? The VMAs will air live at 8 p.

The Link Between Autism and Trans Identity

I put on 11lbs over lockdown — almost a stone. Now I’ve vowed to do something about it: by the end of September, I want to lose all the weight I gained. I’m keeping a video diary of my challenge and updating it every Friday. Here’s how I’m getting on Before a weigh-in essential preparation includes selecting your lightest outfit possible. God forbid a heavy sports bra would add another pound!

Major full-text database in Nursing and Allied Health, with over journals, and more than , articles dating back to

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Back to your touching compulsion: Can you control that in sexual situations? No dates off. I very much struggle with that.

To date, the comedian slash YouTube superstar has more than 18 million subscribers, relating to her fans with quirky, real-life advice on.

As I type this from my bed, Monkey is curled up by my side. It was all organised, but then something happened that changed everything: I did way … read more. I imagine the pandemic will have slowed this process down even further and suspect there will be families having … read more. While job hunting is stressful for lots of … read more. SafeMode is off.

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Sweet Anita roasts KSI and the Sidemen in IRL Tinder game

By Todd Spangler. NY Digital Editor. Lele Pons will reveal a part of her that almost nobody knows about — a lifelong battle with mental health issues — in a new YouTube -funded original series set to release next month. The series also will feature Pons dealing with the challenges of family dynamics and internet backlash. Pons is affiliated with production and management firm Shots Studios ; about two years ago she reached out to co-founders John Shahidi and Sam Shahidi about moving forward on the project.

DISCLAIMER: This video’s purpose is to shed positivity and have a lighthearted take on Tourette Syndrome. I am immensely sorry if our lighthearted take or co.

Earlier this year, police in Arizona killed Kayden Clarke. According to the police report , the officers opened fire when Clarke approached them with a knife. Clarke was a trans man who had autism. He was well known for documenting his mental-health struggles in homemade YouTube videos, which he also used to regularly detail the difficulty of finding medical professionals willing to help him with his transition.

Research on the overlap between autism and gender diversity—a term used to define those who, either by nature or choice, do not conform to conventional gender-based expectations—is a relatively new field. Earlier this year, Spectrum , a website dedicated to in-depth analyses of autism research, published an extensive investigation that explores this relatively untrodden ground, explaining that over the past five years, there have been only a handful of studies that trace a co-occurrence between the autism and gender diversity.

In one of the first major studies , carried out in Holland, researchers examined children and adolescents who identified as gender-dysphoric —a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress due to a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity—and found a 7. Researchers in the field have speculated about the reasons behind this co-occurrence, but the social and cultural implications of this correlation are proving problematic for trans, autistic communities.

Some health-care professionals are now telling trans individuals on the autism spectrum that the need to transition is a result of their autism—a classic misreading of causation versus correlation. The disorder has long been referred to as a predominately male condition—think of the portrayal of Raymond in Rain Man as the male, autistic savant. Defining autism in this way has led to issues with the diagnosis of women and girls. In , a survey found that 1. However, recent studies speculate that many women and girls with autism are never referred for diagnosis, and so are simply missing from statistics, even though they could equally be in need of support.

Since this point, there have been several studies, with a watershed moment occurring for the world of autism research in

Tourettes Sufferer’s Wedding Proposal